Drone show for celebrations


in one show

15 minutes

show duration

5 km


1 month from idea to show

4 weeks
before show
Project discussion
Place, time, drones quantity and other conditions. Also,  getting flight permissions from local authorities.
Launch site
and safety conditions
Разработка сценария
2-3 weeks
before the show
Creating drones
flight scenario
Developing swarm's choreography, music and color synchronisation.
3-4 days
before the show
Equipment and team
Equipment delivery, arrival of the team and preparations before the show.
Тестовый запуск
1-2 days
before the show
Full-scale test flight.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on rain conditions. The flight manager makes the final decision, and safety is always our priority. Fog and rain can also spoil the impression for spectators.
Wind speed shall not exceed 5 m/s.
Average preparation time is 1 month. Please see the timeline for details. However, if you contact us 2-3 months beforehand, there will be more time to get permits, create animation and music.
The price depends on the formations complexity and the desirable number of drones. 100 drone show starts at $26,500+
The drone show lasts — up to 15 minutes. Low temperatures may shorten this time to 5-7 minutes.
In that case, we can make two launches one after another. Please contact us for more details.
Our drones operate at altitudes from 10 to 300 meters. The visibility range is up to 5 km.
There are multiple factors affecting the price, like drone quantity, launch place and time, logistics and team accommodation. Please contact us to discuss the details.
You can find all necessary info here
Flight safety rules prohibit UAV flights above people.
We send approval request to local authorities as soon as the show's time and place are defined. Further details depend on local legislation.
Geoscan Salute drones were designed specifically for light shows. There are no cameras or other sensors to gather, process or store data.
Yes, the drone show can be accompanied with live music or other sound design.
Absolutely! We took part in Light Fest in St. Petersburg, and our drones matched perfectly with the laser show. On other occasions, fireworks and light effects made the whole performance unforgettable.
We performed launches in Russia, Taiwan, Thailand,India, Moldova, Cyprus, Tunisia and many others. We extend our horizons to bring more people into the world of drone shows.
We suggest you to contact our team and discuss the details, as drones quantity depends on animation as well as on budget.
Our safety rules prohibit flying above people or moving vehicles. If this is necessary, we can contact local authorities and ask for temporal traffic block.
Sure, but it takes additional precautions.