Competition ground
«Geoscan Arena»

Competition ground «Geoscan Arena»
  • Competition ground «Geoscan Arena» Competition ground «Geoscan Arena» Competition ground «Geoscan Arena» Competition ground «Geoscan Arena» Competition ground «Geoscan Arena» Competition ground «Geoscan Arena» Competition ground «Geoscan Arena»

Competition ground
«Geoscan Arena»

Designed for educational events in unmanned robotics

A safe airspace, bounded by mesh and equipped with everything you need to conduct drone robotics training and to create various game scenarios when organising competitions.


The Geoscan Arena competition ground is a state-of-the-art solution for unmanned ground and aerial robotics training events. It allows you to hold competitions or perform training exercises in any suitable location, such as a school gym.

The ground is a transportable structure with a protective mesh which is equipped with the Locus ultrasonic navigation system (to realise autonomous drone flight), game mechanics control systems, lighting and video broadcasting, as well as take-off and landing platforms, launch positions and models, which can be used in different ways, coming up with unique scenarios.

Соревновательный полигон «Геоскан Арена»

Application scenarios

Соревновательный полигон «Геоскан Арена»
  • A ground for in-person competitions and learning games in unmanned robotics with manual or autonomous control: cargo delivery, firefighting, object search, fight for resources, aerial photography, robot battles and much more.
  • An FPV site to organise remote-controlled robotics competitions with video broadcasting from different angles.
  • Space for organising the educational process: practice UAV skills in an environment that simulates real-world tasks. ?
  • A training ground for UAV operators.

Create your own unmanned robotics competition scenarios and bring them to life using the Geoscan Arena ground!


Unique gaming server

The competition ground is equipped with a Geoscan intelligent gameplay control system, through which various game mechanics can be implemented. It enables interaction between objects on the ground and remote control of robots, automatic scoring, as well as recording and processing of all participants’ actions and data. This creates a unified game system that can be used in many different ways, due to the goals of an event.

Remote learning opportunities

Anyone wishing to hold remote lessons or competitions in unmanned robotics is able to rent a ground at the Geoscan premise. It is fully equipped with everything you need, including Pioneer Basic copters and wheeled robots, with our staff providing ongoing technical support.

All that is required to connect to the control system is a room equipped with computers and a stable internet connection. The event on the ground transmits with audio to monitors from various angles, including from the cameras on the robots, which provides for a fully immersive experience.

The Geoscan Arena model

The Geoscan Arena model

Package bundle

Equipment Online format «Global» Online format «Local» In-person format In-person format «Light» Number
Safe airspace
8 х 8 х 4 m
Locus ultrasonic navigation system 1
Lightening system 1
Video broadcasting system 1
Visualization system 1
Ground control system 1
Web server/site 1
Service for integrating a web server into the Internet 1
Controlled vertiport 4
Vertiport control unit 1
Underlying surface 1
Take-off site 8
Hill model 2
House model 20
Transport model 8
Decorative fir 15
Geoscan Pioneer copter 4
Indoor navigation system 8
Raspberry Pi Zero W module for a copter with a camera 4
Cargo capture module 4
Cargo set 1
OpenMV onboard camera 4
Ground robot 4
Raspberry Pi 4 module for a ground robot with two cameras 4
Battery 20C 2S 1300mAh 12
Quad charger 2
Repair kit 4
ArUco marker set 1

The standard configuration can be changed or supplemented upon request.


Here you can download a detailed description and model of the Geoscan Arena competition ground, its technical requirements, as well as standard regulations for competitions.
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