Geoscan 401 Tethered

Geoscan 401 Cable Powered
  • Geoscan 401 Cable Powered Geoscan 401 Cable Powered Geoscan 401 Cable Powered Geoscan 401 Cable Powered Geoscan 401 Cable Powered Geoscan 401 Cable Powered

Geoscan 401 Tethered

Cable powered quadcopter system for continuous monitoring and signal transmission from up to 100 meters altitude.

Длительность полета
Flight time
up to 72 hours
Максимальная высота
Maximum altitude
100 meters

Cable powered quadcopter system for continuous monitoring and signal transmission from the height up to 100 meters.

System description

Cable powered quadcopter system for continuous monitoring and signal transmission from up to 100 meters altitude. Allows performing video monitoring and/or broadcasting radio signals for portable and stationary applications. High-voltage power supply and payload data transmission is carried out via a cable connected to a ground station. The ground station might be powered by a 220 V outlet or by a generator.

The automatic cable tension system ensures stable operation of the system even under strong wind conditions. Built-in backup battery on the UAV ensures automatic safe landing in case of the ground power loss.


Geoscan 401CP and the ground station


Works without radio link

Work without radio link. Control and data transfer via cable at the speed of up to 60 Mbps

Air time

Works at altitude of up to 100 m 24 hours a day

Payload integration

Wide variety of payload integration, including high power consumption ones.

Generator compatible

Works from generator/ 220 V

AC power outlet
Fail safe landing

Fail safe landing in any conditions due to the on-board back up battery.

Autonomous flight

Autonomous flight with standard Geoscan battery

Electrical safety and lightning protection

Electrical safety and lightning protection

Self-test systems

Self-test systems of on-board and ground electronics

Customization of the system

Customization of the system according to your needs, including special purposes

Electrical safety and EMC

electrical safety and EMC

To ensure the safety of the UAV during flights and to prevent possible threats, the following equipment is used:

  • The symmetry of the power line between the UAV and the ground module;
  • Galvanic isolation of the UAV power line;
  • Reducing the capacity of the UAV power line on the primary power supply circuit of the product;
  • The use of surge and interference protection devices on the ground module and on the UAV;
  • Relay protection of primary power equipment, protection of the operator from two-phase touches and faults;
  • Filters and galvanic isolation for sectioning the product and localization of signals and interference in their functional zones;
  • High-voltage galvanic isolation of external interfaces of the ground module;
  • Continuous monitoring of the electrical safety equipment by a test system;
  • Grounding device included.

Basic characteristics

Flight duration
Continuous flight time:

up to 72 hours

Payload power consumption
Payload power consumption:

up to 500 W

Max vertical velocity
Max vertical velocity:

18 km/h

Take off/ landing
Take off/ landing:


Max payload weight
Max payload weight:

up to 2 kg

Data connection speed
Data connection speed:

60 Mbps

Supported interfaces
Supported interfaces:

Fast Ethernet, CAN, RS-485, Wi-Fi

System operating conditions
System operating conditions:

operating temperature range  -20 °С to +40°С
Humidity up to 95%, maximum wind speed up to 15 m/s

Payload types

  • Full HD camera or thermal imager gimbal;
  • Radio communication equipment (antennas, repeaters, etc.);
  • Loudspeaker;
  • Spotlight;
  • Weather station;
  • Socket for the customer's equipment.

Ground module

  • Mass: 40 kg
  • Rated power supply voltage: 220 VAC
  • Output voltage: 400 VDC
  • Maximum power consumption: 4 kW
  • Dimensions: 650 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm
  • Protection (IP code):
    • IP 55 – transport mode
    • IP 44 – work mode
  • Power/data cable specifications
    • Cable diameter: 3.6 mm
    • Weight: 16 g / m
    • Braking strength: 140 kgf
    • Max operating temperature: 150 °С
Наземный блок

Geoscan 401 Tethered package content

  • Ground module:
    • high-voltage power supply
    • coiler
    • data/power cable
  • Upgraded unmanned aircraft (UAV) Geoscan 401
  • Ground control station
  • 4 kW generator
  • Grounding device
  • Additional equipment:
    • Lightning protection device
    • Command-telemetry radio link
UAV Geoscan-401CP

Description of components

Ground control station

Ground control station

The software allows to perform preflight check and launch the UAV. During the flight, operator is provided with telemetry and UAV status.

Ground module

Using the automatic cable tension control system, system operation and data transfer stability are ensured.

Ground module
Grounding and lightning protection devices

Grounding and lightning protection devices

  • Ensures electrical safety
  • Operation of the system without a grounding device is not allowed*;
  • Lightning protection device is supplied as agreed by the customer.

* The supply of the lightning protection device and the grounding device is determined by agreement with the customer in accordance with the possession of such devices by the customer.

1 Year / 80 flights warranty
System operation training course
Unlimited technical support
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