Geoscan Pioneer FPV

Geoscan Pioneer FPV
  • Geoscan Pioneer FPV Geoscan Pioneer FPV Geoscan Pioneer FPV Geoscan Pioneer FPV Geoscan Pioneer FPV

Geoscan Pioneer FPV

A quadcopter for racing events

Длительность полета
Flight time
up to 8 minutes
Скорость полета
Form factor
CineWhoop 30

The Geoscan Pioneer FPV is designed to learn FPV drone manual piloting skills, as well as aerobatic flying, videography and drone racing competitions.


Geoscan Pioneer FPV is a new quadcopter from the educational drone lineup. Powerful and fast, it is designed for thrilling indoor and outdoor flying. The quadcopter is designed in a CineWhoop form factor with 3-inch rotors, rotor protection and the ability to mount an action camera.

Its compact size allows the Pioneer FPV to overcome any obstacle and perform complex maneuvers in the limited space of the flight track. The drone has the same flight controller (base board) as the basic Geoscan Pioneer, but the autopilot software adds Acro mode for complex and dynamic flights.

The quadcopter can be used for training purposes in educational institutions, circles and youth innovative creativity centers, used in organizing competitions, as well as suitable for independent study.

  • With the Pioneer’s help you can:
    • practice piloting and filming skills;
    • participate in quadcopter flying competitions;
    • learn an interesting new hobby.

The drone can be equipped with an additional camera for high quality video and superior stabilization. This way you can get a small and maneuverable drone that can record cinematic videos.



  • Ease of trainingA good camera and a handy remote control make it easy to learn drone control and develop dynamic flying skills.
  • ReliabilityRotor protection frame will keep the drone safe, preventing damage from drops and collisions.
  • Acro modeThe Geoscan Pioneer’s autopilot is enhanced with Acro mode for fast racing and incredible stunts.
  • Simple assemblyGeocan Pioneer FPV does not require special skills to assemble, and detailed instructions will not let you make a mistake.
Geoscan Pioneer FPV

Key specifications

Flight time
Flight time:

up to 8 minutes

Flight speed
Flight speed:

up to 100 km/h

Overall dimensions
Overall dimensions:

180×180×75 mm

Rotor dimensions
Rotor dimensions:



Lithium Polymer (LiPo 4S) 1,550 mAh

Take-off weight
Take-off weight:

up to 500 g


analog 1000 TVL 5.8 GHz

Radio remote control
Radio remote control:

2.4 GHz ELRS

Standard delivery includes

Geoscan Pioneer FPV
Geoscan Pioneer FPV quadcopter
Rechargeable LiPo 4S
Rechargeable LiPo 4S battery (2 pcs)
FPV helmet
FPV helmet
Remote Control
Remote Control
Battery charger
Battery charger
USB Type-C cable
USB Type-C cable
Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet
Transportation packaging
Transportation packaging

Setting up and equipping specialized classrooms for unmanned aerial systems (UASs)

Geoscan Pioneer FPV is a quadcopter for racing competitions, which corresponds to “Sports Quadcopter Building Kit” item from the methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation on the setup and equipping classes for secondary vocational education programs in the field of UAS development, production and operation.

1 year warranty
Training course
to operate the complex
Perpetual technical support
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