New tools in Sputnik

New tools in Sputnik

Two new tools have been implemented in the last Sputnik release:

  • Volume measurement tool automates measurements of changing surface features. It allows to calculate both positive and negative deviation of one digital surface model in comparison with another within selected area. Currently only Agisoft PhotoScan generated DEM (GeoTIFF tiles in kml/kmz) is supported.
  • Differential ruler makes it possible to measure vertical and horizontal components of a distance between two points. It allows to measure quickly relative height of the points located on DEM (either generated with PhotoScan or default SRTM elevation model).

Procedure for volume difference measurement is explained in separate tutorial.

To try these functions download Sputnik installation package for:

This will install Sputnik Pro with 30 days trial period.



  • 30 September 2013
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