Geoscan 701 on the website now

Geoscan 701 on the website now
Geoscan 701 on the website now

Now Geoscan 701 has its own page on our website. There you can study the features of the brand-new vehicle, its technical specifications, bundle and other details. An aircraft with ICE is expending the range of Geoscan UAVs. It allows surveying territories that have been hardly reached before.

For instance, Geoscan 701 has already made test and project flights in the Far East, Western Siberia, European part of Russia and even in Antarctica. You can find more details in our blog. At this moment, the UAV is ready for various projects.

Geoscan 701 key characteristics

Max flight time 10 h
Max coverage in one flight 7000 ha (3 cm/px)
25 000 ha (10 cm/px)
Max take-off weight 22 kg
Max route length 1000 km
Take-off/landing from the launcher / by parachute+ballonet
Temperature -20 to +40 °С

Geoscan 701 designers add that: "This UAV has appeared because our company was seeing an increasing demand in carrying out large-scale aerial surveys. Firstly we were content with Geoscan Lite, then Geoscan 201, after that we flew several Geoscan 201 UAVs simultaneously, and now we have 701. It turns out that the more complex task is, the more sophisticated UAV we need — and we create it".

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  • 10 March 2022
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