The Biggest Drone Show in Kazakhstan

The Biggest Drone Show in Kazakhstan
The Biggest Drone Show in Kazakhstan

On July 6, Astana hosted a light show of drones organized by our team together with Geoscan-Kazakhstan, which was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the capital. A striking performance of 500 Salute quadcopters designed by our company specifically for such events replaced the traditional fireworks and became one of the most memorable events of the celebration.

The figures created by Geoscan 3D animators, depicted the country’s rich history and culture. Images of recognizable symbols appeared in the air, such as the shanyrak (the cross in the dome of the Kazakh yurt), the dombra, the national patterns and, of course, the hovering golden eagle, depicted on the flag of Kazakhstan. No less important part of the program was the most recognizable architectural monuments of the city, which included the Baiterek Tower, the Ak Orda Presidential Palace and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation — Astana’s famous Pyramid, above which the light show was held. In addition, spectators were able to admire the beautiful moving images of the Earth and the starry sky as well as saw a dove with an olive branch — a symbol of peace.

As Semyon Lapko, Drone Show Project Manager at Geoscan, puts it, ‘The festivities were really great: the whole city seemed to gather in the square. We are happy to have an opportunity to delight people with a project where art and technology intertwine whimsically. The show involving 500 drones is the biggest one that has ever been held in Kazakhstan, and Astana City Festival is the most appropriate occasion for it.’

The Geoscan drone light show, the biggest in the history of Kazakhstan, not only adorned the holiday, but also symbolized the active development of the city, which over the past 25 years has undergone impressive changes and has become the cultural and economic center of the country.

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  • 6 July 2023
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