Activity for urban and settlement territories development includes solution of multiple challenges requiring historical data, relevant date and possible prospects (Archive-Fact-Plan). Levers of development such as urban development zoning and territorial planning, architecture designing, complex cadastre works require relevant spatial data. Achilles’s heel is the maintenance of relevant mapping basis in the continuously changing environment: traditional surface methods require much time and funding. Lack of topographic-geodetic details frequently slows down all processes of territorial planning and leads to a series of mistakes.

Implementation of modern technologies into urban development policy tools produces a perceivable positive economic effect. Use of UAV allows to obtain complete, relevant and regularly updated information about urban environment condition in a prompt manner and with the minimum costs. Such data will allow to improve quality of the taken decisions and increase management efficiency. Jointly with the data publication technologies, aerial survey materials can serve as a perfect information resource for the society involvement into urban development process.

Complex cadastral works

Due to the high accuracy and details of the photos, you will be able to us them for performance of cadastral works. Photomaps of the area obtained with the help of Geoscan technologies is a perfect substitution of the mapping basis (in case of its absence) or its high-quality supplement for preparation of the land plots boundaries drawings, determination of buildings layout and correction of cadastral mistakes. Photorealistic 3D models will inform about solidity, height and flooring of the buildings, characteristics of the facilities, without any unnecessary on-site reconnaissance and field visits. Our survey complexes will provide preparation of the territory plan containing details required for cadastral registration of the land plots.

Detection of land self-acquisition and mismatch of actual boundaries with the data from the State Real Estate Cadastre will incur millions of rubles of short taxes and rental payments in the budget

Our film-making complexes will provide preparation of the plan of the territory containing data on the land plots, necessary for the cadastral registration.

Land supervision

Observation from the air provides extended opportunities of control over real estate items and land plots. 3D models automatically generated according to the survey results will help to assess condition of the objects and their compliance with the contracts and standards. Specialists can perform remote checks of obligations fulfillment by their counterparties and detect violations of the Land Code. Accurate data will allow to perform correct calculations of the rental payment and the purchase price. You can also detect discrepancies between the boundaries of the actual lands utilization and the data of the state real estate cadastre. This will help you to avoid loosing millions in short rental payments.

Change detection

By performing survey with certain intervals, you will manage to monitor the situation and develop drawings of non-stationary and temporary objects. Ultra-high spatial resolution will allow to keep effective accounting of the small objects, for example, advertising structures. With Geoscan technologies, vegetation inventory will take considerably less time. You will be able to measure height of the trees and detect planting bearing potential threat. Surveys archive for the previous years increases evidential basis upon judicial and arbitration disputes.

Accurate topographic data will allow to perform correct calculations of the rental payment and the purchase price

You will be able to measure height of trees and to reveal the vegetation posing a potential threat. Besides, the archive of shootings for previous years increases evidential base at judicial and arbitration disputes.

Digital mapping

Aerial survey from the UAV significantly reduces costs and labor efforts for topographic works performance. High imaging quality makes orthophotomap more informative and visual than materials of the usual topographic maps. Combination of the field survey of the objects not visible from the air and office digitization according to the photomap will ensure development of the most complete and accurate maps of the urban territories. With our technologies, you can easily create visual three-dimensional images of the objects with complex configuration, and the possibility of regular survey will allow to map processes dynamics in the course of the time.

Aerial survey from the UAV significantly reduces costs and labor efforts for topographic works performance and increases contour accuracy of multiple object types

With our technologies you will be able easily to create evident three-dimensional representations of objects of a difficult configuration, and the possibility of regular shooting will allow to map dynamics of processes in time.

3D civil engineering

Highly-precise 3D models provide unique opportunities for urban design. Comparable with the results of aerial laser scanning in terms of accuracy, they are perfectly suitable for measurement of the buildings sizes, determination of the visibility zones, calculation of volumes and profiles building. Due to compatibility of data formats, you can use advantages of CAD design and then apply spatial-temporal modeling and analysis in GIS . Detailed 3D models change approach to the urban zoning and extend opportunities of urban space planning.

Detailed 3D models change approach to the urban zoning

Information systems development

Geoscan survey complexes are able to create perfect spatial basis for the information systems. These can be systems for automation of the urban development working processes or information portals for the wide audience. Uniform information medium will help to process inquiries from concerned persons and generate necessary reports in a prompt manner. Interactive services for the population, for example collection of information about problems is an effective method of urban environment quality improvement.