Design in 3D

Three-dimensional model of the area generated according to materials of survey from Geoscan UAV, is a powerful tool in the designer’s hands. Use of 3D models is a new and promising trend in the area of designing. With the help of our technologies you can examine landscape features of the territory in a full extent and account them upon design development. Simultaneius coverage of complete construction area allows to forecast potential natural changes and choose the most appropriate position of the utility networks. Surface digital models and altitudes matrix generated in Agisoft Photoscan re completely compatible with GIS and CAD. This will allow to carry out dimensional analysis and assessment of eath works scope.

Monitoring from UAV allows to obtain exhaustive information about construction progress and scope of performed works


At the stage of construction and installation works, monitoring from UAV allows to obtain exhaustive information about construction progress and scope of performed earth works. Photorealistic models generated upon completion of construction of one or another facility, provide a view about geometrical and spatial characteristics of the buildings, built-up quaters, erected structures, accompanying infrastructure and landscaping of the adjacent territories. Besides, modeling materials can be used as a visual presentation material for the potential customers and investors.

Civil-engineering survey

Engineering-geodetic surveys are the key element of the scope of survey works, which are performed prior to any construction commencement. Quality of peformed works on engineering-geodetic surveys frequently influences a lot of aspects upon making decisions both at the planning stage and in the process of construction and installation works as such. Result of the performed geodetic surveys is receipt of the relevant data about the area, in particular topographic maps of 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000 and other scales. Application of Geoscan aerial photographic survey complexes allows to significantly increase the efficiency of topographic maps development.

Quality control

Application of our survey complexes will enable you to obtain images of any objects with a high detalization, real proportions and scale. This will ensure control of works performance quality. With the help of Geoscan UAvs, you will be able to control intensity and scope of performed wotks, geometrical aparemeters of the erected structures.